What is Topanga Supply?

Topanga Supply is a closed-loop grocery delivery platform. We buy high-quality products from local supplier in bulk containers, package them to order, and then deliver these products to consumers in reusable containers. Once the goods are consumed, we pick up the empty glassware at our next delivery to be commercially washed, sanitized, and filled back up again!

How does Topanga Supply work?

Signing-up with Topanga Supply is easy.

1. Go to shop.topangasupply.com and create an account.

2.Add items to your bag and choose your delivery frequency.

4. Schedule your delivery during a window that works for you. 

5. Enjoy your products! When you're done, place the empty containers back in the delivery bag.

6. Leave your bag of empty containers outside and we'll pick it up when we drop off your next delivery.

What are the delivery fees?

We charge flat fees of $5 for delivery and $3 for cleaning, so a total of $8 per delivery regardless of the amount ordered.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Nope! But it is more sustainable and cost-efficient if you make larger orders. No matter the size of the order, you’ll still be charged our $8 standard fee. 

Hey, why aren't you available in my area?

Sorry! We’d love to be. The best way to help us get to you is to join our waitlist. We routinely look at this list and expand to serve the most customers we can. Psst … get your friends to join too : )

What do I do with my empty jars and organic cotton bags?

Remember that beautiful and reusable blue bag your products got delivered in? Fill that sucker back up with your used packaging and leave it on your porch before your next scheduled delivery. We’ll pick up the empties to be commercially washed, sanitized, and filled up for another delivery.

What if I lose, break, or simply fall in love with a jar and can’t return it?

If glassware is damaged or not returned after two weeks past the expiration date, or after 6 months from the date of delivery (whichever comes first), Topanga Supply charges $4.00 + tax per unreturned piece of glassware. At any point thereafter, if the jar is returned in good order, that charge will be credited back to your account. You can easily find the expiration dates printed on labels attached to the jars. If you'd like a report of outstanding glassware, please email info@topangasupply.com

How does the container return work? 

Our sincere goal is to make it as easy as possible. If you have an active account with us, place the empty containers back into the bag they delivered. We’ll pick up all the empties when we drop off your next delivery. 

Are you taking a break between deliveries or pausing your account? All good! We’ll follow the same process as before and pick up the empty containers during what would be your next delivery drop. 

Can’t make that work? You can schedule another container pick-up time for $8 or hang on to the empties and accept the $4 charge per jar. We won’t judge you; they are pretty AND functional! Plus, if you ever decide to restart your account, we’ll credit that amount back to you. 

Where are the goods coming from?

We buy local food as often as possible. Occasionally, we fall for a product that is outside of Los Angeles and when this happens, we do everything we can to make sure the delivery of the product to our facility is done as sustainably as possible. That means ordering in large quantities and in bulk containers.

What about cross-contamination? How do you avoid it?

We pride ourselves on maintaining FDA and CDPH regulations for our facility and go above and beyond these regulations when it comes to having a proprietary food safety digital process for all our packaging operations. It really is our #1 priority.

How are you cleaning the jars?

We use commercial dishwashers that operate above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, then use a food grade sanitizer for each and every piece of glassware that comes through the facility.

How do you keep items cold?

We use (reusable) thermal insulation to line our crates and keep your items chilled and safe during your two-hour delivery window.

Oh no! One of my jars broke during delivery or there is an issue with one of my products. What do I do?

Shoot us an email at info@topangasupply.com and we’ll make sure to rectify any issue asap. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to the quality of our products, so please let us know if there is anything you are unhappy with.

How do I contact Topanga Supply?

E-mail us at info@topangasupply.com which is monitored 24/7 and 365 days a year by a real life Topanga Supply team member. Occasionally, this team member sleeps for a few hours, so please expect a response within 4 hours.

Can I return a product that is untouched?

Negative! Unless there is an issue with one of your products or the jars, we do not accept any returns. This isn’t because we wouldn’t love to have our products back, but we simply can’t accept food and beverage back after we've delivered it. And we hate food waste! We appreciate your understanding and if there ever is an issue, please email us at info@topangasupply.com.